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You may be surprised at the idea, but AvanceCity Cashless Payment solutions also offer sustainable benefits for the tourism industry. They deliver advantages for both guests, as well as the tourism region.

Cashless Payment can be combined perfectly with guest cards and can be used as payment, entrance, bonus and, above all, loyalty cards in all participating locations in your region. It's easy. Your visitors simply register online (or on site) and then load the card via a user account, or with cash at a special terminal.

As a tourism manager, you then have access to qualified customer data and can market your region attractively and actively adapt your offers to the interests of your guests. Your guests in turn benefit from needs-based offers, loyalty bonuses as well as a convenient payment method.

Examples of use:



Cashless Payment systems are ideal for ski resorts. One good example: ski passes. Your guests receive the passes at the hotel or at the lift ticket offices and can subsequently use them as payment cards throughout the region - not only at the lifts, but also in ski lodges, public transport, restaurants and in all other participating facilities. Even ski schools, hotels and spas can make use of the completely new marketing opportunities.



The possibilities of offering Cashless Payment in cities are endless. One convenient guest card for payment in museums, theaters, shows, cinemas, clubs, in hotels or for the use of public transport. Present your visitors with an comprehensive tourist offer that makes them want more. By implementing discount and loyalty campaigns, you can also selectively market individual facilities and adapt the marketing measures to the interests of your already registered guests.

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