Fan management with added value

AvanceEvent is THE complete solution for sports stadiums and football clubs. It helps you achieve higher revenue per customer, save valuable human resources, and improve the controlling of your stadium or club. Through its sound data analysis, our system also facilitates targeted marketing.

Our customers can confirm the benefits: Reto Bertschi, Member of the Stars of Sports AG Board of Directors:
„Thanks to AvanceEvent, we've increased our revenue per visitor by 20%. In addition, we've significantly improved our liquidity,
and crime has also reduced significantly.

Examples of use:



Only a 15-minutes break and more than 30,000 thirsty and hungry visitors want to get a snack before the match resumes. Without a fast payment solution, even the best staff cannot serve every guest quickly enough. If you're looking for a payment solution that's faster than your beverage dispenser and quicker than your best employee, then we've got the answer for you.

Avance Pay Event solutions reduce the payment process to less than one second per guest - shortening POS wait times and significantly increasing sales. Cashless Payment reduces the employee fraud rate by more than 95%.

Suitable for all types of venues:

  • Football stadiums
  • Ice hockey arenas
  • Tennis halls
  • Football, baseball fields
  • Motorsport race tracks
  • and much more



Avance Pay Fan Management is impressive. Team supporters receive a Fan Card from their club. They can easily purchase entry ticket online, load the card with cash and collect valuable bonus points with each payment or visit.

Combine our cashless systems with fan management - you can rely on qualified customer data to plan tailor-made marketing campaigns and permanently increase your visitor numbers. They also ensure more security in the fan sector and create an important platform for sponsors.

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