Tissot Arena Biel-Bienne

The entire stadium including the catering and VIP areas are equipped with AvanceEvent infrastructure.
Reto Bertschi, Member of the Stars of Sports AG Board of Directors: "Thanks to AvanceEvent, we've increased our revenue per visitor by 20%. In addition, we've significantly improved our liquidity, and crime has also reduced significantly"

Rock Oz‘Arènes, Avenches

Avance Pay's 180 payment terminals with 87 different product configurations and 40,000 visitors ensured that no customer had to queue at the sales booths. Charlotte Carrell, Festival Director: "All bar employees who worked with the system were happy. It's a good system because the processes are smooth and card loading is fast. Cashless is faster than cash. Rock Oz'Arènes will definitely use the Avance Pay cashless system again next year. "

Since 2017 Hurricane Festival, Scheessel

The entire festival was equipped with 340 registers, including integrated ATM terminals for cash and card payments.

Sporthalle, Hamburg

We equipped the location with cash registers including integrated ATM terminals to facilitate both cash and card payments. It's used for about 50 events per year.

Waldbühne, Berlin

The location has been equipped with stationary and mobile cash registers, and handles approx. 20 events per year.

NRJ Moon&Stars Festival, Locarno

Avance Pay provided the festival with 160 cash registers and a precisely tailored, efficient Cashless Payment system for 50,000 cards, including the LiveEvent App from Ticketcorner.

Summer Breeze Festival, Dinkelsbühl

Test installation to prepare for the festival in 2018. Planned is a completely cashless festival with access control for approximately 50,000 visitors per day.


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